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Luxurious Love
It’s a cleanser enriched with natural plants and selected exotic extracts, helps instant hydration up to 72 hours, leaving your skin perfectly clean soft and radiant looking!
Stardust Love
Stardust Love work as double cleanse by removing all dead skin cells and final traces of cleaser. It also helps restore the natural balance of your skin.
Sheer Love
DD Cream SPF 30
Super ultra-lightweight texture delivers a synergistic UV filtering system combining patented photo-stabilized technology with long-lasting broad-spectrum protection to deliver outstanding efficacy against UVA & UVB rays on the skin’s surface.
Tinkerbell’s Drop
The Tinkerbell’s Drop Essence representing luxurious programme and high technology which rich with antioxidants, containing ‘pixie gold dust’ and selected natural plant base extracts can be used either as a MAKE UP PRIMER or before APPLYING MOISTURIZER. If used as skincare the Tinkerbell’s Drop would be applied first!
Hydra Calm Exclusive Edition
A superbly light texture water instantly absorbed helps to nourish refine and plump up the skin. The hydrating power of this water refines the pores and improve the absorption of subsequent skincare product. Skin feels smoother, hydrated and conditioned. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Hydra Booster – instantly infuse hydration to maximize protection.
  • Calming Action – helps to calm, restore & defend skin problem such as skin sensitization caused by environmental aggression.
  • Setting Spray – locks in moisture for long-lasting makeup
Beaute Face Mist
Skin Supplement
BEAUTE FACE MIST, comes with 3 bottles per set and is much different from ordinary fluids as it has 5-6 micro-clusters of molecules allowing absorption to more easily lighten the lightning and permeate deep into the pores. This beaute face mist is use to maintain the pH balance of our skin, it can be use frequently at anytime & anywhere!
Cleanse Me Softly
Instantly remove all the germs & bacteria from your skin surface area. It helps to keep the skin healthy & hygiene.
Fresh Your Day
Tightening, Moisturizing, Refreshing, Glowing
With pH balanced water formulation, instantly soothes & refreshes skin. It helps in preventing breakout, leaving the skin moisture, smooth & glowing! It also can be setting make up spray!
Ageless Love
Minimize Pores, Makeup Removal, Anti-aging
The purest of this pH water & superfine cluster easily absorbed and reduces the visible sign of aging line. It helps maintain excess on the skin while reducing pores sizes, soothing and unwanted blemishes acne scar. It also can be makeup finishing spray & makeup removal.

V'na de Beaute by Ayra

Ayra Nature (IP0464935-M)